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國際機場       international airport
機場大樓       terminal building
候機大廳       waiting hall
問訊處       information desk/ inquiry desk
起飛時間       departure time/ take-off time
扺達時間       arrival time
登機卡       boarding ticket /boarding pass
安全檢查       security check
海關       the Customs
海關工作人員       customs officer
通過海關檢查       to go through the customs
海關規定       customs requirements
海關條例       customs regulations
海關手續與準則       customs procedures and norms
辦理海關例行手續        to go through customs formalities
報表       to make a customs declaration
海關行李申報表       baggage declaration form/ luggage declarationform
外幣申報表       foreign currency declaration form
應納關稅物品       dutiable goods/ dutiable articles
往返票       round-trip ticket/ return ticket
入境簽証       entry visa
出境簽証       exit visa
過境簽証       transit visa
過境旅客       transit passenger
入境手續       entry formalities
簡化手續       to simplify procedures
一次性簽証       single entry visa
多次入境簽証       multiple-entry visa
再入境簽証       re-entry visa
旅遊簽証       tourist visa
護照       passport
外交護照       diplomatic passport
公務護照       service passport
出示護照       to show one's passport
免稅商店       duty-free shop
免稅物品       duty-free goods/ duty-free articles  
免稅單       duty-free slips
行李提取處       baggage claim/ luggage claim
手提行李       hand luggage
出租車候車處       taxi stand/ taxi rank
隨身攜帶行李       carry- on baggage
行李標簽牌       baggage tag/ luggage tag
行李寄存處       baggage depositary/ luggage depositary
行李手推車       baggage handcart/ luggage pushcart
健康証書       health certificate
種痘証書       vaccination certificate
預防接種証書       inoculation certificate
接待       to host/ to receive
接待單位       the host organization
接待人員       reception personnel
接待員       receptionist
受到友好接待       to be cordially received/ to get a friendlyreception
在旅館下榻        to stay at a certain hotel
旅館登記表        hotel registration form
旅館休息大廳        hotel lobby / hotel lounge
旅館服務員        attendant
旅館女服務員        chambermaid
總統套房        presidential suite
豪華套房        luxury suite
單人套房        single room
雙人房間       double room
招待客人       to entertain guests
設宴洗塵       to give a banquet in somebody's honor
舉行盛大招待會       to hold a grand reception
答謝招待會       a reciprocal reception
冷餐招待會       buffet reception
感謝熱情招待       to thank you for your kind hospitality
招待所       guest house
外賓       foreign guests / overseas visitors
貴賓       distinguished guests
外國專家       foreign experts / foreign specialists
外事辦公室       foreign affairs office
外事組       foreign affairs section
外事往來       dealings with foreign organizations
活動日程       itinerary of a visit
初步擬訂的活動日程       tentative itinerary
活動安排       schedule
緊湊的活動安排       tight schedule/ busy schedule
精心的安排       thoughtful arrangements
詳細介紹活動安排       to give a detailed account of the schedule
播放有關錄影帶       to show a video entitled . . .
歡迎詞       welcome speech / welcome address
告別詞       farewell speech / farewell address
自我介紹       to introduce myself
久仰大名       I've long been looking forward to meeting you.
期待已久       long-expected
合作共事       to work as your colleague
深感榮幸        to feel greatly honored
親眼目睹       to witness with my own eyes
東方巨龍        Oriental Dragon
實現夢想        to realize my dream
專程趕來        to come all the way
親自接待        to meet in person
若有不便        to encounter any inconveniences
排憂解難        to help you out
與某人結識        to make the acquaintance of somebody
歡迎光臨本公司        welcome to our company
參與我們的項目        to participate in our project
文化交流       cultural exchange
促進友誼       to promote friendship
加強合作       to enhance cooperation
不辭辛勞遠道來訪       to come in spite of the long and tiring journey
短暫的訪問       brief visit
有此殊榮       to have the honor of doing something
很高興做某事       to have the pleasure in doing something
請允許我介紹       May I present somebody? / Allow me to introduce…
請你不要介意       Hope you don't mind.
祝你參觀順利       Wish you a pleasant visit.
祝你訪問圓滿成功       Wish your visit a complete success.
祝你萬事如意       Wish you all the best.
送別       to see somebody off
期待再次來訪       Look forward to your visit again.
希望再次相會       Hope to see each other again soon.
代我向某某問好       Say hello to ... for me/Remember me to …
保持聯繫       Keep in touch.
取得聯繫       to get into touch with. . . / to establishcontact with …
請多保重       Take care.
祝你旅途愉快       Wish you a pleasant journey. / Have a nice trip.
一路平安       Bon voyage. / Have a safe trip home.

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